About Wind Boosters

Wind Booster electronic throttle controller is simple to use, affordable, flexible , and easy to install device for all electronic controlled gas pedal vehicles.

  • Small digital display that attaches with self adhesive tape to any surface.
  • One end plugs onto your gas pedal and the other end to your factory harness.
  • No external power needed.
The device simply adjusts the signal sent to your throttle body by the gas pedal. 
You can make adjustment that slows down the signal and also speeds up the signal.

Within each mode 1-3 you have 10 adjustment levels therefore making this totally tuner friendly. "Create your own driving style".

Electronic Throttle Accelerator

Help the vehicle speed

WIND BOOSTER can solve the lag problem of electronic throttle and help the vehicle speed which can make driving pleasure doubled.

Accelerate switch function

WIND BOOSTER can be set "enable" or" off" accelerating function. For example, when traffic is good, open accelerated mode car; Poor road conditions like rainy weather, icy winter road, close accelerated mode to ensure safe driving.

Accelerate level adjustment function

WIND BOOSTER can set the level of acceleration, including" half speed" and" full acceleration". Half acceleration for daily use to improve running speed, and maintain safe driving. Full acceleration for racing, make the car accelerated relentless and quick in reaction.

Accelerate mode switching function

WIND BOOSTER can switch" manual mode and automatic mode " Manual mode" for manual transmission vehicles" and automatic mode" for automatic transmission vehicles. WIND BOOSTER is setup according to the different transmissions which can make shift more smooth, reduce the impact effectively result from the frequent shift as well as avoiding the increase of fuel consumption caused by downshifts frequently of automatic-shift cars.

Avoid engine carbon deposition

Long term use of WIND BOOSTER can make electronic throttle responsive, thus can reduce the carbon deposition on engine, engine keeps new after a long time.

Avoid sudden rush

WIND BOOSTER solves the problem lag response of electronic throttle. This will effectively avoid sudden rush before the vehicle starts,.